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PES creative factory

In PES we help brands tell compelling stories by producing custom-made promotional products and POS material that connect to people in an authentic way.

Creative services, value engineering and production are all happening at one single place, our own 4 pillar SMETA audited, creative factory here in Zagreb, Croatia, EU. From initial concept development, prototyping, tooling to bulk production and delivery, you can leave the whole process to us.

With our multidisciplinary team of product designers, engineers, marketers and manufacturing specialists in your corner you are able to bring unique product concepts to life. By combining both traditional manufacturing skills, e.g. forging and micro casting, and more industrial, contemporary technologies, e.g. 3D scanning and 3D modeling, we have, since 1992, provided thousands of bespoke  product solutions to clients from 25 countries.

You have a question? Call us on +385 1 655 39 52 or drop us a message. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Ljiljana Ružić  finance & human resources

Ljiljana Ružić 
finance & human resources

Darko Fadljević  product development

Darko Fadljević 
product development

Dragutin Ružić  founder & CEO

Dragutin Ružić 
founder & CEO

Marija Ružić Vukmanić  product design

Marija Ružić Vukmanić 
product design

Ivica Baraba  sales & marketing management

Ivica Baraba 
sales & marketing management

Ivan Vukmanić product design & development

Ivan Vukmanić
product design & development

Katarina Ružić Baraba project management

Katarina Ružić Baraba
project management

Iva Šojat  graphics design & print

Iva Šojat 
graphics design & print

Petra Vrdoljak  product design

Petra Vrdoljak 
product design

Kristijan Kajić  CNC engineering

Kristijan Kajić 
CNC engineering

Neven Svetec forging

Neven Svetec

Tomislav Povrženić  manufacturing

Tomislav Povrženić 

Matija Jambrešić  manufacturing

Matija Jambrešić 

Dario Jakasović manufacturing

Dario Jakasović

Ivan Rupčić  die casting

Ivan Rupčić 
die casting

Tomislav Dukarić  engineering & tooling

Tomislav Dukarić 
engineering & tooling

Karlo Knaus Mirković  forging

Karlo Knaus Mirković 

Krešimir Brezić  manufacturing

Krešimir Brezić 

Jadranka Grahovac  manufacturing

Jadranka Grahovac 

Tomislav Rubčić manufacturing

Tomislav Rubčić

Zvonko Đurić  die casting

Zvonko Đurić 
die casting

Siniša Šafran operations management

Siniša Šafran
operations management

Rajmund Butorac  tooling

Rajmund Butorac 

Željko Josipović  electroplating

Željko Josipović 

Trpimir Vujević tooling

Trpimir Vujević

Branimir Brezić  manufacturing

Branimir Brezić 

Vladimir Milosavljević  lacquering

Vladimir Milosavljević 

Julijana Jularić sales & administration

Julijana Jularić
sales & administration

Maja Kehler  manufacturing

Maja Kehler 

Štefica Fadljević electroplating

Štefica Fadljević

Stjepan Kravaršćan  electroplating

Stjepan Kravaršćan 

Ivan Rončević injection moulding

Ivan Rončević
injection moulding



Doing things the right way

Our factory is both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited. We are also a 4 pillar CSR audited manufacturer, by Paris based EcoVadis,  and a 4 pillar SMETA audited supplier, by Sedex. Since 2006 we are a member of the PSI, which is the international network of the Promotional Product Industry, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Acting responsibly and showing respect towards our employees, our customers, our suppliers, nature and society as a whole makes us proud of the way we conduct business.