When regular is not an option


PES creative factory

In PES we help client partners tell compelling brand stories by bringing premium and bespoke promotional products and POS material to life. Our client partners use them within both On-Trade & Off-trade channels and at Events to develop brand awareness, top line growth and, aligned with other marketing activities, create exceptional brand experiences.

Founded in 1992, PES is a family owned creative factory run by an interdisciplinary team of 40 people. We primarily partner with clients from the EU, Asia and the USA who play a significant role in the global beverage industry.

From initial concept development to prototyping, tooling, bulk production and final delivery, you can leave the whole process to us.


   Julijana Jularić    sales & administration

Julijana Jularić
sales & administration

   Darko Fadljević       product development

Darko Fadljević 
product development

   Dragutin Ružić       founder & CEO

Dragutin Ružić 
founder & CEO

   Tomislav Dukarić       engineering & tooling

Tomislav Dukarić 
engineering & tooling

   Ivica Baraba       sales & marketing management

Ivica Baraba 
sales & marketing management

   Ivan Vukmanić    product design & development

Ivan Vukmanić
product design & development

   Iva Šojat       graphics design & print

Iva Šojat 
graphics design & print

   Kristijan Kajić       CNC engineering

Kristijan Kajić 
CNC engineering

   Katarina Ružić Baraba    project management

Katarina Ružić Baraba
project management

   Neven Svetec    forging

Neven Svetec

   Tomislav Povrženić       manufacturing

Tomislav Povrženić 

   Matija Jambrešić       manufacturing

Matija Jambrešić 

   Krešimir Brezić       manufacturing

Krešimir Brezić 

   Jadranka Grahovac       manufacturing

Jadranka Grahovac 

   Štefica Fadljević    electroplating

Štefica Fadljević

   Željko Josipović       electroplating

Željko Josipović 

   Zvonko Đurić       die casting

Zvonko Đurić 
die casting

   Ljiljana Ružić       finance & human resources

Ljiljana Ružić 
finance & human resources

   Rajmund Butorac       tooling

Rajmund Butorac 

   Ivan Rončević    injection moulding

Ivan Rončević
injection moulding

   Marija Ružić Vukmanić       product design

Marija Ružić Vukmanić 
product design

   Maja Kehler       manufacturing

Maja Kehler 

   Siniša Šafran    operations management

Siniša Šafran
operations management



Doing things the right way

Our factory is both ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 accredited. We are also a 4 pillar CSR audited manufacturer, by Paris based EcoVadis,  and a 4 pillar SMETA audited supplier, by Sedex. Since 2006 we are a member of the PSI, which is the international network of the Promotional Product Industry, headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Acting responsibly and showing respect towards our employees, our customers, our suppliers, nature and society as a whole makes us proud of the way we conduct business.