Maison & Objet



Exploring new horizons


We are about to launch a new brand, a brand which is all about refined everyday metal objects. More about it in a future post but in order to prepare for the international launch, which we plan while exhibiting at the Maison&Objet in January 2018 three of us went to visit the Maison&Objet which was organised between 7th and 11th September 2017. The M&O always takes place in beautiful Paris, France.

As it says on their website "the MAISON&OBJET is the major event for professionals working in the area of living in all its rich and varied expressions. The lifestyle show brings together a 360°product offering. Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, the world of children, tableware…"

The whole event is very inspirational, with beautiful exhibits, products and brands all over the place. It helped us keep on top of evolving consumer trends and learn more about retail environments and design.