European Design Award 2018


We are happy to announce that VAU has won 2 European Product Design Awards. Our Merkaba paperweight has been awarded the Gold Prize while the 12.3 organiser brought home the Silver Prize.


Merkaba paperweight - Gold Prize Winner

The abstract symbol of a merkaba, crafted into a solid object. One triangular pyramid, a tetrahedron, is immersed into another, symbolising two poles of creation, matter and spirit. The shape which is thus formed is a star tetrahedron.

Merkaba paperweight by VAU (2).jpg
Create your own universe by VAU (22).jpg

12.3 Organiser - Silver Prize Winner

The organiser 12.3 symbolically addresses the relation between order and chaos. The composition of the individual elements follows a precise rectangular geometry, as they are divided per a perfect proportion, the golden ratio. Each piece can either be used independently or as a whole. This gives you freedom to create different compositions and arrange the objects according to your own rules.

Within a golden ratio elements always keep the same proportion: a small piece relates to a larger piece in exactly the same way as the large piece relates to the entire whole. The precision of the golden ratio is perceived on a rational level, while its harmony is universal.

Create your own universe by VAU (36).jpg
12.3 Oraniser_VAU.jpg