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How we work

In PES no two projects are ever the same but our process always revolves around five key phases which ensure we meet or go beyond your expectations. For us creativity does not only stand for developing creative products, but also for the creative application of technology, materials and other resources.




Providing us with a detailed brief just makes our day

An understanding of a brand's particular identity, its communication strategy and its consumer environment is very important for us to develop a cost-effective product solution. During this initial phase we therefore heavily rely on the quality of your input.



Achieving the outcomes
you are looking for

A close collaboration between our engineers and product designers enables us to help brands tell a story in a unique and intriguing way. Whether you want to develop a product concept from scratch or bring an already existing concept to life, our multidisciplinary team is equipped to help you.



Our process results in cost-effective solutions
to complex challenges.




You get a clear picture
about your product

One of our main principles when developing concepts is that right from the start we always keep production in mind. This means whenever you receive an artwork and quotation from us you can be sure that our inhouse team of product designers and engineers have already checked the concept's viability regarding cost efficacy, functionality and aesthetics.




A sample will simply
ease your mind

Once a concept has been approved preparing some type of physical product is crucial for envisioning it in a real environment. A prototype or immediately a pre-production sample will be an important step for assessing a product's size, function and aesthetics before moving forward with bulk production. This is the phase of final evaluation during which all details are agreed upon.




The final product
made in our factory

Our dedicated team of production experts assure you get the kind of product you are looking for.  In addition, a 3rd party audited quality control process is in place which helps us deliver on our promises. Decades of project experience with bespoke products for clients from 25 countries enables us to make an informed decison about the right machinery setup and the right materials for your particular product.


We help our customers retain brand vitality
& compel consumers to take action.


If you are working on a project where
regular is not an option, we'd love to hear from you.